We provide our customers with the highest quality of service using dependable, high-performance equipment.

Our trucks are operated by professionally trained and skilled operators and are equipped with GPS units, which have ELD programming. These units have the capability to send and receive messages and transmit the location of the vehicle, which provides an effective means of communication between the worker and dispatch and between the worker and our customers.



Cascade Energy Industrial Service Division delivers Oilfield and Industrial cleaning services through several of our operating centers. CESLP employees who work in this sector receive comprehensive training, safety, and are accredited in High Pressure and Vacuum services in accordance with industry standards and guidelines. Cascade Energy Services LP is positioned to provide customized solutions to meet our client’s requirements, with focused attention to delivering the highest quality work on time and on budget.

Our experience includes (but is not limited to):

  • High Pressure Water Blasting
  • Hydro-excavating
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Oil Spills & Environmental Cleanup
  • Bundle Blasting/IBC Cleaning
  • Heavy equipment/Rig washing & degreasing
  • Process piping and systems
  • Complete D&C Vacuum Services
  • Complete Turnaround/shutdown management services
  • Rotary Lancing/TLE Cleaning
  • Roto Fan
  • High Pressure: 10 – 40k
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum
  • Dry Ice Equipment Cleaning
  • Heat Exchangers/Cooler Foaming
  • Bulk Methanol & Chemical deliveries
  • Pressure testing/Pipeline batching
  • 500bbl & C-ring for frac sites and fluid storage




Production Fluid Hauling

Tanker Units

24 hour on call fluid hauling service

Calcium road spraying

Clean water trucks for fire watch

Sour sealed units for pressure loading

Our tank trucks can be used for several applications, and they are compatible with all dangerous goods, mix and water. As we have several types of trailers for both vac usage and fluid hauling, we offer transportation of most fluids in the industry.

3.5 to 8 Million BTU

Hot Oilers

Pressure capabilities to 5,000PSI

Pumping rate from 20L to 500L per minute

Fluid heating, cleaning and flushing

Hot oil well servicing

Safe and efficient alternative methods to assist in heating well work over fluids. Provides instant change to fluid temperature. Supports tank cleaning as large volumes of water can be heated to approximately 90 Celsius. Equipment can aid in other capacities and serve as a pressure system.

18 to 35 Million BTU

Super Heaters

Frac fluid heating

Efficient method of heating Frac Ponds and Bladders
18 MBTU Diesel Fired Super Heater

Pumping rate of 1000L per minute

9m³ fuel capacity for burner unit
35 MBTU Frac Water Heater

LPG/Natural gas fired 35,000,000 BTU updraft burner

3000 gallon DOT MC331 LPG – 12 hours heating full rate

Work lights mounted around unit for night operation

40,000 PSI

Pressure Trucks

Pumping rate from 10L to 500L per minute

Hauling capacity to 12m³

Pipeline testing

Methanol pumping

Wellhead testing

Acid pumping

The majority of our units are capable of fluctuating pressures while monitoring flow controls and levels. These have the capability of servicing nearly all fluids.

1 Million BTU Boiler

Steamer Trucks

Tank, vessel and equipment cleaning

Well head heating

Hauling capacity to 10 m³

Snake lines as small as ½¨

Our steamers traditionally have been used for cleaning in the summer and steaming and thawing in oilfield production. Our trucks are used to steam and wash equipment, buildings, well heads or anything else requiring steam or wash services.

Tandem & Tri Axle & Semi-Vac

Vacuum Trucks

1 million BTU

Up to 11m³ - 28m³ debris tank

Up to 5m³ wash water

Tank, vessel and equipment cleaning

Spec tanks for hauling contaminated, sour, flammable waste products

Our vacuum trucks will clean up and transport unwanted fluids, spills, and waste material. They're ideal for spill clean-ups, fluid transfers, tank cleaning and service rig work.

Tri-Axle high pressure wash and vacuum


Dual compartment tanks, one for water and one for waste

High pressure wash system

Boiler for winter applications

Overhead boom to make maneuverability easy

Dual compartment tanks, one for water and one for waste

Hydro-Vac technology is based on a combination of hot or cold high pressure water-blasting and vacuum power to provide non-destructive excavating of buried pipes, lines and other structures.

Cascade Energy Services LP is a
Business Unit of Mullen Group Ltd


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